Sign of the Times: Out of “Meet”


From a Burger King in Philadelphia.

Author: Jack Slater

A Philadelphian living in Hawaii. You can follow or contact me on Twitter where I'm @TimeDoctor, via the contact page, or via e-mail to Find out more about Nuclear Monster here.

6 thoughts on “Sign of the Times: Out of “Meet””

  1. this was NOT in Philidelphia, I personally took this picture in Brenham, Texas. It was after Hurricane Ike, and all I wanted was some chicken fries.

  2. How disappointing that I couldn’t find an email address for the Burger King Corporate Offices so that the picture and article could be seen by them. Guess the next step is to mail it to their snail mail address in Miami, FL.

    Would you share the address of the store in Philadelphia where the picture was taken?


  3. Texas? That says it all…sorry, but why am I not surprised – I can just envision the HICK that wrote it.

    DING sign is done…

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