Sonic — Diarrhea at the Speed of Sound!

SonicSo I live in the upper midwest, and there isn’t much for a variety of fast food restaurants up here. We have a few local chains that let us mix it up, but there isn’t anything like what you hear from friends on the coasts or down south.

Times are changing, and we need some new grease to throw down our hatches. Sonic, you’re the one!

I was heading to a hockey game Saturday night, and I happen to drive past the new Sonic. It opened a week or so ago, so it’s not like it’s opening day or anything, but people are going batshit insane trying to get in there. They actually had police directing traffic and an electronic construction sign with directions on how to find the end of the Sonic line a block or so over. It was mad chaos. The only thing missing was riot police and a crowd of fat Americans riding on those electronic scooters.

So I see this line, and I’m thinking, “Wow, this is insane. Why on earth would anyone want to eat at Sonic that badly?”. There was about 30 stalls and they were full and with the line of cars you’d think they were giving away Euros. Wait, most American’s don’t value foreign currencies — let’s say they were giving away Walmart gift cards.

Anyway, the point is that I was on my way to get food and some beer before the game, and it was 4 hours before I headed home.

On the way back there was still a line.

Perhaps this is what they were wishing for when they voted for Obama’s change?

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