NameCheap IPv6 Glue: Not Very Adhesive; Sort of Annoying

So NameCheap finally announced IPv6 glue support and I was quite happy to hear this. I’ve been digging into IPv6 a lot because I’ve become part of an IPv6 project at work (deployment, training, and consulting for customers) so this announcement was perfectly timed.

Well, I followed Mr. AlexS’s instructions to no avail. It’s almost been a week now with no solution in sight. I’ve even had a reply from one support person trying to tell me the glue records were there, and then showing me the output of dig which contained nothing more than a query for the host’s AAAA record. Clearly this person has no idea what the hell a glue record is.

I can understand if the issue is that the TLD (.me) is being a little bitch and won’t do the glue record. Hell, at one point I thought we were making progress when they informed me that I can’t have a glue record sharing both IPv6 and IPv4 addresses. Of course I was getting a bit stabby at that point for their incompetence, but figured I’d just work around it by creating a different subdomain for the “IPv6” version of the DNS servers.

However, the progress ended around there and now we’re playing the waiting game for something I could do in about 6 seconds flat if I had access to the TLD’s DNS servers. I fail to understand how some people get jobs in the IT industry, anyway.

Overall I’d rate NameCheap’s support for IPv6 glue records 4 out of 5 goatsies*. I might even throw in a tubgirl.

*Lower is better.

TL;DR The exciting therapy obtains the dilemma into the reasoning typewriter.

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