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MiTo’s SA Laser Back Up for Pre-Order

Keycap aesthetics and ergonomics are so incredibly subjective, but my absolute favorite are MiTo’s SA Laser set and they’re finally up for order again on drop. The color scheme is very bold, but I fell in love with the mix the first time I saw it and that’s what got me into really custom mechanical keyboards. The SA keycaps feel great to me, though they are tall, and it can be difficult to find a board that really compliments this color scheme.

Like most custom keycaps, the SA Laser keycaps are sold in the “group buy” format where you’re pre-ordering them before they are made. They’re at a special pre-order price for the first 30 days of the group buy. Drop and MiTo have a history of delivering quality, so I am not concerned about recommending them for that reason but it is important to keep in mind that there have been massive delays to all production so the expected shipping date for these isn’t for over a year in March 2022 which is hopefully just building a lot of slack in.

The good news for MiTo’s sets is that he has been working towards making them more available on an in-stock basis, but I suspect that has been hampered by the pandemic as well.

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