MiSTer Multisystem’s 2nd Round of Pre-Orders Start Soon

Is it real, or is it a MiSTer Multisystem?

The MiSTer FPGA project brings old consoles, arcade machines, and computer systems back to life through something like cloning the original hardware’s processors and other chips on the fly. When we last discussed the new consolized variant of the MiSTer, called the MiSTer Multisystem, it promised an easier experience and had just launched and very quickly sold out of 500 units. This time the MiSTer Multisystem has been announced for a thousand more units to be sold on the RMC Retro Store this Monday, November 1st, at 4PM GMT which is also this time in a few zones: 

08:00 Pacific
US – 10:00 Central
US – 11:00 Eastern
UK – 16:00 BST
Europe – 17:00 CET
US – 05:00 HST

I don’t typically recommend buying anything before independent reviews are available, and as excited as I am for this project I do advise caution for anyone who isn’t familiar with your typical Linux type of rigamarole. The first group of buyers are scheduled to receive their MiSTer Multisystems in November. We could very well find out that future cores, which are the building blocks for each console or computer or arcade game that MiSTer resurrects, require something that the MiSTer Multisystem doesn’t provide. The big question right now is on RAM, the Multisystem PCB only includes 128MB of SDRAM, so I especially recommend doing some research before buying into this.

As it is I believe the MiSTer platform as a whole provides the most accurate and available method of preserving these old systems without buying stacks of consoles, computers, and arcade machines. As those older systems stop functioning projects like the MiSTer will become even more important. There are plenty of videos and other information out there that discuss the accuracy claims of the MiSTer project and I do not have one to evaluate it. The good news with this Multisystem project is that some of the components, especially the DE-10 Nano FPGA that is the heart of it, could be migrated to other MiSTer setups. Check out my previous post on the MiSTer Multisystem for more information on this subject.

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