Finally you can stop using PHPNuke!

So someone was clever enough to create a CMS for gamers. Finally you can stop using PHPNuke and all its other shitty variants. Stop struggling with that clan site you’re trying to build — it’s going to suck anyway. They all do. And you know within 3 weeks it will be defaced by some Hungarian hacker with a message such as, “LOL TURKEY SUCKS ONEONE111111!!!”.

I think the only thing that could make it better is (hell, I don’t know if it has it — I’m too busy to investigate) a decent forum and possibly those stupid plugins that shows you who’s online in your TeamSpeak¬† / Ventrilo / what-have-you servers.


Enjin is a free, fully hosted service for all gamers, clans, guilds, and communities to create and manage a website.

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