Why You Play All Nine Innings

Friday featured not one, but two of the most embarrassing errors you’ll ever witness in baseball. Behold as these well-compensated professionals forget foundational baseball they learned in little-league. Early in the afternoon, Milton Bradley starts us off by counting to three tossing a fly ball he caught into Wrigley’s bleachers, a time-honored tradition when the half-inning ends. The only problem: it was only the second out of the inning.

Bradley forgets

For those of you still reeling from the shock of seeing what $7,000,000 gets you, savor the collapse of the New York Mets against the New York Yankees. How bad was it? Sure handed second basemen Luis Castillo dropped the 27th out of the game, and diligent Yankee base runners both scored, winning the game on their last chance.

Francisco and Luis turn 9th inning heartburn into heartache for Mets fans

There you have it, major leaguers proving that not even $22,416,666 makes you immune to mistakes.

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