Colonel Hugh “Slip” Slater Tells Us About an OXCART and a UFO.

Colonel Hugh

The Road to Area 51 is the LA Times’ look at the actual story behind everyone’s favorite hidden UFO landing pad, Area 51.

Colonel Hugh “Slip” Slater is the OXCART driver who, now that his missions are declassified, has spoken with various reporters about them in public. You can find what looks to be his personal page here.

The Drobo Pro from Drobover

Today Data Robotics announced their follow-up to the Drobo RAID-style device, the Drobo Pro offers the same deal in a rackmountable setup. More drives, expected technology upgrades, etc.

Can they please stop raping non-business users who bought the original Drobo before their shitty service plan came into effect now and give me my fucking firmware updates without paying extra.


Pure Digital’s Jonathan Kaplan–aka the Flip Guy–Speaks (Post-Cisco)!


Kara Swisher from the Wall Street Journal’s All Things D spoke with Pure Digital’s Jonathan Kaplan on the subject of the Mino HD maker’s future now they they’ve been acquired by Cisco.

I’m just hoping they keep iterating on their fantastic Flip Mino HD series.

Zero S Electric Motorcycle Now Available


One of the few things that excites me anymore in vehicle design anymore is when people take something old, like a dirt bike, and update it for today. Maybe only he who is without sin can afford the first $30k Toyota Prius, but surely even someone like me can afford the $10k for Zero Motorcycle’s Zero S Motorcycle.

It is basically their cheaper Zero Motorcycle dirtbike design upgraded to be street-legal and still has their goofy proprietary battery pack and clutchless design. Theoretically that should at least be upgradable in the future as new batteries come out which enable you to get more miles out of it.

Video of the Zero S after the break and you can order one today and get it delivered via UPS in May.

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Sign of the Times: WaMu ATM Anti-Skimmer


While I was using WaMu/Chase’s ATM I noticed that they have a new mechanism to protect customers and their balance sheet. This space-green anti-card-skimming device appears to further protect the ATM simply by sticking the card acceptance slot out further and at a funny angle, theoretically making it harder to add another device on top of theirs.

It is an easy bet to make that there will be similar looking devices made which are skimmers themselves for ATMs owned by other companies.

Review: Is Close Range For the (PC)?

I don’t want to rattle off the usual game review cliches, but the Close Range series has always been known for frenetic action, witty writing, and lots of references to exploding heads. Close Range for the PC, the 19th game in the series, doesn’t change up this awesome formula, but it has plenty new to appeal to fans of the genre. Click the read more link for the excellent review written by our very own TimeDoctor.

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