Sign of the Times: WaMu ATM Anti-Skimmer


While I was using WaMu/Chase’s ATM I noticed that they have a new mechanism to protect customers and their balance sheet. This space-green anti-card-skimming device appears to further protect the ATM simply by sticking the card acceptance slot out further and at a funny angle, theoretically making it harder to add another device on top of theirs.

It is an easy bet to make that there will be similar looking devices made which are skimmers themselves for ATMs owned by other companies.

Review: Is Close Range For the (PC)?

I don’t want to rattle off the usual game review cliches, but the Close Range series has always been known for frenetic action, witty writing, and lots of references to exploding heads. Close Range for the PC, the 19th game in the series, doesn’t change up this awesome formula, but it has plenty new to appeal to fans of the genre. Click the read more link for the excellent review written by our very own TimeDoctor.

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A Visit to id Software

A Visit to id Software from john romero on Vimeo.

If you read Masters of Doom and were left wondering what the feel of that office was really like, this video is perfect. It really does id’s history better justice than at least my imagination could.

If you haven’t read Masters of Doom yet, please give it a try. It is one of the most engaging books I have ever read, and is probably tolerable even if you can’t stand the usual gamer-yakkity-yak.

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Dr. No’s Latest Attempt Bungled Again by Mr. Bond

The New York times has an article up documenting the latest failure in the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il’s attempts at being Doctor No. I can’t help but think that this is terrorism on a global scale by its smallest player*. The North Korean commanders on this mission to avoid irrelevence probably knew it would fail. Failure in this case, is the goal since their objective is to scare. What is scarier to regular people than a failed missile possibly hitting a civilian target.

*Yes, I’m leaving out Luxembourg. They wouldn’t terrorize anyone.