The M0ii0 + KaWaii PCB kit

A tiny version of an ancient Apple keyboard

This is the M0ii0 + KaWaii PCB mechanical keyboard by Yohe, it looks like it is about $266 USD in beige, blue gray, or dark blue, but it is only currently available through the webstore in Japan during this group buy. The keyboard layout looks like it would be a real challenge to get used to. If you’re up to the challenge, check it out at this link and there is an optional parts kit here that appears to just be an extra PCB and plate so you can have an extra if something goes wrong with the original. The group buy is open until April 25th.

The layout of the M0ii0 + KaWaii is based off of the original Apple M0110 from 1984 which had a few more keys. I absolutely love that layout and shrinking it down to make it extra small just makes it cooler, even if it is more challenging.