Crash Mode is Back in Danger Zone

Last year’s Dangerous Golf from Three Fields Entertainment tried to take the best parts of Burnout‘s amazing crash mode and apply them to an extremely simplified game of golf. It wasn’t what I had hoped it would be, but it had almost all the right pieces and they kept working on the game after it was released.

This time, they have the right pieces in place because their new game, Danger Zone, is about cars instead of golfing indoors. They even have smashbreakers back and they’re called smashbreakers again. I am excited for crash mode again. Three Fields, don’t fail me now!

Danger Zone will be out next month for Steam on Windows and the Playstation 4.

Crash Mode Indoors

Burnout was an amazing series, I recently went back and tried some of the older games on Playstation 2. They’re still so good and it’s surprising that Burnout: Paradise was missing one of the best modes, crash mode. That was where you would attempt to cause as much vehicular damage as possible by driving your car into a busy intersection. You could cause a chain reaction by slamming your sedan into a van that hits a bus and so on. Super fun, the sequels added crash breakers (small explosions to cause more destruction) and other additions to spice up the gameplay.

The creators of Burnout are back as Three Fields Entertainment, and while I wish they had the rights to make another Burnout (with crash mode) they’ve gone ahead and basically made the exact same crash mode except indoors and with golf balls destroying palatial estates, kitchens, gas stations and more. Crash breakers are now smash breakers, and you now tee off instead of getting your motor running.

All this destruction on June 3rd for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Steam. Most likely just for Windows but I’ve asked the developers if there is any hope for Mac and SteamOS/Linux and will let you know if that changes.