It’s 2017 and Windjammers is Available Again

Speaking of games that have left a void and been inexpertly filled by well-intentioned developers. The Neo Geo classic disc tossing game that’s basically pong if it involved a gruff euro beach 90’s future aesthetic,  Windjammers, has been riffed on so many times. It’s actually been thrilling to see who gets the closest to surpassing the original game because it was so difficult to get a hold on many Neo Geo games legitimately.

Those days are over, as long as you have a PlayStation 4 or (surprisingly) a PlayStation Vita. DotEmu has brought the original game back out on these Sony platforms for $15, with some pretty big updates to multiplayer and leaderboards that go beyond your typical ROM-in-an-emulator package but don’t seem to change the art or gameplay. Buying one version also nets you the other with Sony’s cross-buy promotion.

Raptor: Call of The Shadows Re-Released on Steam

Raptor was the best shoot-em-up on computers for a long time, it’s exciting to get the chance to play it again thanks to DotEMU. This time it’s the “2015 Edition” which seems to only add Steam’s achievement system to the game. Gog previously had the most recent update with the “2010 Edition.” I’m still writing “Year of the Linux Desktop” on my checks. Both versions are, unfortunately, only for Windows computers.