Hitman’s Elusive Targets Are Coming Back

Io Interactive has their first announcement since going independent and getting ownership of the Hitman license. There’s a GOTY edition of HITMAN (2016) coming, it’ll include a new “Patient Zero” campaign and other stuff, as well as reactivating any missed “elusive target” missions starting in early November.

I loved these elusive target assassination missions, and missed out on a bunch of them before I got the game last August. It’ll be good to get a second chance at the ones I missed out on. Any that were attempted already won’t be available again.

The GOTY edition is going to be out on November 7th for $60 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam for Windows, macOS, and Linux. The new campaign and other stuff included in this edition will be $20 for existing players who have the rest of HITMAN’s first season already.

The Hitman That Owned Himself

Square-Enix recently decided to drop IO Interactive from their portfolio of development studios, which left IO’s series of Hitman (and other games) up in the air. Good news. IO is now the company that owns themselvesĀ  and also owns the Hitman “Intellectual Property” according to the CEO’s statement. I have a few questions as to who owns the previous games and the right to publish those, and what this means for the remaining staff at IO after they recently had to lay off some, but I’ll be looking forward to playing the next elusive target.