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Nephlock’s GMK Metropolis R2 Available

GMK Metropolis by Nephlock is one of the most visually arresting keycap sets I’ve seen, with bold colors on a dark blue base and symbology for transit enthusiasts. Unfortunately, Metropolis has been one of the most expensive keycap sets to get on the second-hand market, because it is so popular. Finally, in about a year, new copies of GMK Metropolis will be shipping again after people who purchase it before April 30th, 2021, receive their sets. GMK, the company that makes these keycaps, really needs the pandemic to be over.

If you find the colors to be a bit much, but enjoy the mass-transit symbology, there is a more subdued base kit with teal highlights called Midnight:


The regular Metropolis base kit is $120 USD, Midnight is slightly cheaper at $110 presumably because the kit is a little smaller and uses fewer colors. As with all of these Group Buys there’s a risk of delays if the 

GMK Metropolis is available with more options, matching deskmats, and more, until the 30th of April at Novelkeys for North America, Desk Hero for Canada, proto[Typist] in the UK, Oblotzky Industries for the EU, Daily Clack in Australia, zFrontier in Asia, and monokei in South East Asia. You can read a bit more about the set in this thread from Nephlock on Geekhack.

mechanical keyboard

GMK Awaken from biip

GMK Awaken is a new keycap set from the designer biip and Novelkeys. This one has a bit of a cyber style. There are also matching deskmats and even an Awakened version of Novelkeys’ NK65 65% keyboard in either green or pink (I’m told it’s more of a red by someone with better color vision.)

For me, Awaken is somehow too busy, but it probably looks better in-person and that’s kind of the challenge with these keycap group buy situations, you can’t know how they’ll actually come out or when they’ll really ship, but everyone involved with Awaken is reliable: GMK in Germany making the caps, Novelkeys for the US sales, and biip is a terrific designer who has shipped quality sets before.

GMK Awaken starts at $120 for the base set and the same price for a base kit that has Katakana sublegends.
There is an expansion kit that adds for more boards (notably my beloved Alice and Arisu layouts with split spacebars) for $35
A RAMA keycap collaboration is also available for $65.

The NK65 Awaken Edition keyboards in either pink or green include enough keycaps to cover the board with a few color options, color-matched Novelkeys Silk Yellow linear switches, and are $230 a pop.

Space Cables is also running a matching Awaken cable that’s anywhere from about $40 to $102!

GMK Awaken set is only available until January 31st, and Novelkeys estimates that it will ship in the fourth quarter of 2021.