ScummVM Project Hits 2.0

Full ThrottleThere is a large volunteer workforce on the internet that keeps their favorite games alive. You might know that I’ve been working on the ioquake3 engine for the past 12 years to keep people playing Quake 3 and help the other games and mods that use that engine stay alive. ScummVM has been in development since 2001, It is the definitive way to play the original releases of old LucasArts adventure games like Maniac Mansion and Day of the Tentacle as well as so many others.

Yesterday the ScummVM project hit version 2.0. It’s a big milestone that added support for 23 “brand new old games,” as their update calls them, as well as improving support for their roster of existing games.

One of the “brand new old games” is Starship Titanic, an adventure game that was designed and written by Douglas Adams.

You can download the 2.0.0 version of ScummVM for free directly from the developers for Windows, macOS, Linux, and so many more platforms. To play many of the games you’ll need to own them

Classic Adventure Full Throttle Remastered Rolls Out

Today must be a day to talk about remasters. Double Fine has released Full Throttle Remastered, it’s the classic 1995 adventure from Tim Schafer and co at LucasArts available for anyone who didn’t get a chance to play it, or hasn’t seen it in 20 years.

It’s on a bunch of digital platforms for Windows (Steam, gog, Humble) as well as the Playstation 4 for $15.