The Tetris Effect in Fall 2018 & A Lumines Remastered Update

Tetris Effect is an upcoming game from the developers behind Lumines, Rez, and other spectacular games that uniquely combine music and game mechanics. Tetris Effect looks to bring a similar treatment with Lumines-style stages that each have their own music and backgrounds and modes we’re familiar with from past Tetris games as well as new ones.

The trailer above talks a bit about the real effect that playing Tetris has on people who might see the blocks in the real world after playing the game. I’ve felt the same way after playing it, and other games. When my son was born, nobody was sleeping well, and we played The Witness. Of course we started to see similar puzzles out in the real world, but it wasn’t ever the same as with Tetris and its Tetriminos .

The same developers are still working on Lumines Remastered, which was delayed from May to June 26th.

It isn’t clear yet if Tetris Effect is a timed exclusive to the PlayStation 4, or a permanent one, but that is the only announced platform so far. It’ll also have PlayStation VR support at launch. We’re also missing a price, that’ll have to wait until Enhance gives us more details.

Lumines Remastered This May

The year is 2018 AD, new games are illegal, only old games can be endlessly remastered until nobody is interested in games anymore. Except for one game designer who would dare defy the law, Tetsuya Mizuguchi is… Tetsuya Mizuguchi!

He’s probably working on something new, as well, but I don’t really mind playing more Rez, or maybe the same Lumines in HD but without the stuff I didn’t like in the sequels.

The original Lumines is re-releasing in HD this May on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam for Windows. The version on Steam today is apparently not so hot, so look out for this remaster.