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Mac Source Ports Collecting Games on Modern Macs

MacOS has changed in the past few major versions to start requiring that applications be signed and notarized in order for them to launch at all. Mac Source Ports’ developer Tom Kidd noticed that some source ports for games weren’t updated to pass through Apple’s system and put together a project to provide signed and notarized builds of these source ports for modern Macs running Intel processors and Apple’s M1 system on a chip lineup so that the games aren’t lost to time.

There are already over 40 games on Mac Source Ports from more than 20 source ports, I recommended checking it out if you’re on a Mac and looking for classic games to play.


The 2021 iPad Pro is Almost Faster Than The Gaming Computer I Just Built

Earlier this year I managed to find elusive computer components and build a Ryzen 5600x-based computer to upgrade from the one I built back in 2016. Reviews are just now coming out for the new 2021 iPad Pro and the M1 system inside of it is benchmarking higher in Geekbench than my desktop gaming computer.

The results reported in the MacStories review for the M1-powered 2021 iPad Pro by Federico Viticci (a fantastic review you should read just to hear from what an iPad Pro power user thinks of this upgrade) are 1716 single-core, 7143 multi-core, and results are similar across all the M1-powered Apple computers. This was also for a model with 16GB of RAM, the 1 and 2TB storage configuration options for the new iPad Pro both have 16GB of RAM. iPad Pros with less storage have 8GB of RAM.

My desktop with an AMD Ryzen 5600x and 32GB of DDR4 3600 RAM gets 1609 single-core, 7557 multi-core. Both numbers fluctuate a bit for each run, but the higher single-core score and comparable multi-core score is very impressive and absolutely wild for a battery-powered and passively-cooled mobile tablet device versus a desktop system that’s plugged into the wall and has active cooling. It also makes me very curious what the sequel to the M1 will look like, and what Apple will do with updates to iPadOS now that it has access to so much more power. I’m hoping for Xcode.