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  • The 2021 iPad Pro is Almost Faster Than The Gaming Computer I Just Built

    Geekbench benchmarks might not be a perfect measurement, but it’s an incredible result

  • Steam Link on Mac App Store

    Valve has released their in-home game streaming software, Steam Link, on the Mac App Store, It was already available on iOS and iPadOS. If you’ve got an Nvidia graphics card I recommend trying the open-source Moonlight software that leverages Nvidia’s game streaming technology.

  • Regular Human Basketball

    Powerhoof, the creators of Crawl, put out Regular Human Basketball back at the end of May 2015 and I just found out about it: It’s local multiplayer, for 2-10 players, and it really is an explosively ordinary game of basketball, with absolutely nothing weird going on and DEFINITELY no giant robotic death machines! It looks very…

  • Windows Pretendulation Still Sucks

    The Final Fantasy XIV MMO now uses Transgaming’s Windows pretendulation software to get the game on Mac OS X and so it isn’t surprising that it is having trouble running well. Mike Fahey has this article about the terrible Mac version of Final Fantasy XIV. Over a decade ago there was an article on this site encouraging people to…

  • Hulu Desktop

    Hulu Desktop (available for Mac and Windows) seemed like a great idea when I heard about it earlier, so I’ve taken it for a test drive with some original Battlestar Galactica and found it to be better than the experience of watching through the browser. How so? Firefox on Mac at least is riddled with…