Gouranga is Gone

While writing up the last post I noticed that the long-running Grand Theft Auto fan site, Gouranga (named after the original GTA’s kind of awful practice of running over a procession of Hare Krishna’s), has shut down and the domain is owned by Rockstar’s parent company, Take Two.

Here’s the last copy of Gouranga that I can find on the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. The Internet Archive’s copy also goes way back to 1999.

Gouranga was the place to read about Grand Theft Auto until the site’s owner, schu, stopped updating it during the development of Grand Theft Auto IV. Schu was even nice enough to offer unofficial support for those games.

The Internet Archive’s Collection of Classic Mac Software & Simple Beep

The latest episode of Simple Beep, a great podcast that recently popped up on my radar, has a great retrospective on some classic Mac games and reminded me that I had yet to post about the Internet Archive’s classic Macintosh software collection.

There are a ton of great games like Prince of Persia and Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy, edutainment like Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, and some boring software, and they all work using in-browser emulation, which is an insane feat. It even loads up on an iPhone although that would not be a good way to use any of the available software.

If you’re interested in even more, make sure to listen to that episode of Simple Beep and check out their links to other games.