Tremulous Sold to Microsoft

Following the recent turmoil over Nexuiz, Microsoft has tipped their hat and purchased Tremulous for the XBOX. As is to be expected, various Tremulous forks have already appeared in the wake of this terrible news.

The first out of the gate, Liberelous, has made their stance on things clear:

We would like to formally announce the arrival of Librelous — A free (GPL), fast-paced first-person / Real time strategy hybrid that works on Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. Librelous is a direct successor of the Tremulous Project.

Librelous came about in the wake of recent troublesome changes to the Tremulous project, changes that have left many of the core contributors and community members feeling that the project has been mishandled. As a result, we felt the need to organize a departure to start with a clean slate.

Librelous will place focus on the things we love about Tremulous, and extend our goals to become the game that many thought Tremulous 1.2 should have been.

While technically being a direct successor of Tremulous, the Librelous project is a rethink of the Tremulous project that recognizes the community around it as its principal driving force and will restructure itself to respect that. This means that there will never be a single person with total control over the project.

TimeDoctor Dot Org is seeking an exclusive interview with Librelous team lead, Khalsa.