Linux Games Podcast #12

Linux Games Podcast 12

By Jack Slater

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7 replies on “Linux Games Podcast #12”

>ogg is for nerds.

Freedom hater!!

go back to your Ipod, you yuppy.

i wanted to fill in the survey but stopped at the distro.
ever think that someone might not be using Bubuntu or the distros mentioned?

i could have lied but i take my surveys seriously and if you cant be bothered to put a ‘other’ option then i cant be bothered either.
i use 3 distros and none were in the list, one is the biggest distro on its continent while another was at the3 top of distro watch a few years ago.


I would like to have access to the drugs you have prescribed to ROB ENDERLE. His demeanor indicates he is having one hell of a trip. I would like to pick them up from the local pharmacy no later than Tuesday.


Old Man Feld

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