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iGoozexAs awesome as Goozex is, the new iPhone application leaves a lot to be desired. Namely, their implementation of the token system Goozex uses to identify you as a proper user for API access is incredibly poor.

Once you launch the application you’re presented with the screen depicted to the right, which is OK if a bit plain. However, before accessing your queue, you are required to enter in that 40+ character API token, a screenshot of that dialog is after the break. Obviously it is a frustrating process, I entered it once, and had to check my work three times before I had the proper token.

If this were done properly, what would happen is you would e-mail yourself a token and the URL in the e-mail could launch the application on the phone and insert the token.

Instead, it must be entered manually. Fortunately, after the iPhone 3.0 Operating System is out you will be able to copy and paste. Though, Goozex could probably enable another method of API access before then, or the developers of this application could see the URL handler light and fix their application.

Either way, once you have the token in there it is nice to be able to see your queue and your position in it. Both the developers of the app, and Goozex proper are aware of the problem. Goozex had this to say on their twitter feed:

Regarding the Goozex Token Code for the iGoozex app. We know it hurts. It was designed years ago w/out foresight of an iPhone application.

I’m hoping that eventually the API will be a little bit more featureful so you can perform more of the actions that you can on the full site. The presentation leaves a lot of room for improvement as well. It seems like it would make a lot more sense to have an app with the standard black bar at the bottom interface and load your requests by default, then have two other “tabs” at the bottom for offers and a gear icon for settings.

Certainly worth the price of admission, iGoozex is free on the app store. If you’d like a more general introduction to Goozex, check out my review.

iGoozex Account Settings

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