Wolfenstein 3D Updated, Cydia Pirates out of Luck

The pirates using the Cydia version of Wolfenstein 3D are now out of luck if they want the latest version. Wolfenstein 3D Classic for the iPhone (I reviewed it favorably here) has now been updated and the GPL release hasn’t been. So if you want the latest version of the app, you’re going to have to be legit and use the app store. Check out the full list of changes for Wolfenstein 3D Classic 1.1 after the break:

  • Drag the controls around the screen for full customization.
  • Tap weapon to change between knife, pistol, machine gun and chain gun.
  • Play your own ipod music.
  • Option to disable background music
  • Allows reverse landscape play to rotate 180 degrees.
  • Many higher resolution textures.
  • Stats button on map screen to see current kills/secrets/treasure/time.
  • Retain automap scale between invocations.
  • Fixed savegames not saving item pickup state.
  • Correct highlight colors on map select screen.
  • Removed bonus life sound playing at certain points even though score had been removed.
  • Mega health gives full 150 health.
  • Improved console feedback.

Author: Jack Slater

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2 thoughts on “Wolfenstein 3D Updated, Cydia Pirates out of Luck”

  1. The gpl’d version in Cydia is legal; it’s open-sourced and was released by ID Software.

    There was no “pirating” involved.

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