Cobra Mercs for Hire

Cobra Mercs for Hire

  1. Hire Cobra Troopers in Canterbury Commonsfrom Firefly.
  2. Adds over 30 G.I.Joe & Cobra Themed outfits.
  3. Adds over 60 NEW WEAPONS to game, NPC’s will have them, and vendors will too.
  4. Caravans and Canterbury citizens are all Costumed G.I. Joe themed, thus the name: Canterbury Commons Costume Party
  5. Adds a couple of new citizens to Canterbury
  6. Increases Caravan Groups Great counter to Increased Spawns
  7. Adds Caravan Outpost Tents, and Guards at all stops except Evergreen Mills no one in tents will trade, you have to wait for caravan
  8. Retextured: Pre-war Money, Duff Beer, New Skill books Non-Replacer, themed after CCCP Costumes
  9. New Hair & Eye Textures See Credits
  10. Altered Hair, Eyes & Equipment on a couple of existing NPCs mostly just the chicks

Author: Jack Slater

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