Dance Like You’ve Got Ham in Your Pants

This ridiculous title via the old PR copy and paste, all emphasis mine:

Data Design Interactive Signs distribution deal with Midway Games…

Stourbridge, UK, 24th June 2009. Data Design Interactive Ltd — a successful video games publisher and games developer, today announced that it has signed a deal with Midway Games Inc who will distribute DDI‘s Nintendo Wii game entitled ‘Schweineparty’ in German, Austria and Switzerland. (English version is entitled ‘Farmyard Party’)

Uwe Fuerstenberg, General Manager Midway Games GmbH, said:

“We are proud to work with Data Design Interactive on that highly enjoyable title. Schweineparty is 100% swine flu free but we are confident it will disseminate just as quickly.”

Schweineparty brings farmyard fun to the Nintendo Wii. The game has eight sporting events which are divided into four categories: all-round, speed, power, and skill. Game modes include party modes themed around event styles, single event fun and some hilarious bonus games.

The game play revolves around using a combination of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk in various ways to complete each event. The events require a combination of speed, timing and more than a little sweat!

Alongside the challenges of beating the game records and those of your friends, there are a number of new characters, bonus games and a development gallery for players to enjoy.
Based on the cornerstones of sportsmanship and competitiveness of the fun and crazy games, Schweineparty is an ideal choice for family friendly fun. Schweineparty provides an entertaining multiplayer experience (4 player mode), with colourful graphics and physically demanding gameplay.

Product Information
Release date: July
Genre: Sports / Party
No. of players: Up to 4 players
Platform: Nintendo Wii
Developer: Data Design Interactive
Publisher: Midway Games Inc

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