BF2 Patch 1.50 Released

Battlefield 2 1.50
Stay Sharp, Stay Logical, Stay Supreme
The patch is available from numerous sites but they’ve allocated so little bandwidth to this 2GB file that I was reduced to tears, until I remembered these guys. For some of you, this will be the first time you’ve used a file-sharing program for a completely legal purpose, so savor the moment. You’ll need to install a torrent client of course.

Game Updates

Author: 100% Arabica

100%Aribica has been fighting the myth of pinch hitting since before Knute Rockne invented the forward pass. When's he's not dreaming of striking out Manny Ramirez, he's making promises he can't keep to timedoctor to do list: write a review of the G15 keyboard timedoctor gave me that is so amazing/lucrative he'll give me a g19 keyboard to write a review of get a job buy myself a g19 keyboard

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