Android 2.3: Yup, you need a task killer.



Author: Jack Slater

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4 thoughts on “Android 2.3: Yup, you need a task killer.”

  1. Please read up on the Android application lifecycle. You *do not need* a task killer. It does not free more memory and it does not make your battery last longer.

    The fact that there is now a “kill task” function in the application manager does not mean that this has changed. It’s simply a tool in case you have a buggy application that doesn’t properly stop services it created, or similar things. It’s nice to have that functionality without needing an extra app.

    But do you need a task killer like on WiMo, to avoid some “out of RAM” message or to prevent your battery from being drained in an hour? No, you do not! Let Android do what it’s designed to do.

    But I guess it’s like the Garbage Collector in Java: It does its job excellently, and it runs in safety-critical environments handling people’s lives every day. And yet there’s always the occasional guy who criticizes out of a lack of understanding or plain irrational fear of a perceived lack of control…

  2. Also I would add that the possibility of manually shutting down apps without installing a third-party task manager exists since 2.2, it’s not new to 2.3. But again, you don’t *need* it per se.

    Anyway what’s with the Android bashing on this blog? Did Android kick your dog or something?

  3. What is the difference in openroot to networkroot device? And what advantage is there in functionality or longevity in product/device common usefulness?

  4. Is this true?

    So if I´ve been surfing the web, using facebook, listened to facebook, sendings some texts and playing a couple of games (including heavy 3d-ones)…there still is no need for a taskkiller?

    Eventhough I have around 40mb of memory left out of the initial around 175mb? (xperia neo)

    While using Advtaskmananger it says that about every program I´ve used is still open.

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