Max Payne 3 on live

TimeDoctor is back and he’s had a few drinks and is ready to play a game called Max Payne 3. He took one look at this game and said “yes, that will be the game I stream tonight.”

He hit the “record” button in his dimly-lit, video-game filled, apartment and a grim sense of determination overcame his desire to go to sleep after downing some pain killers and more gin.

As he continued to write about himself in the third person it became clearer and clearer that this joke of a description wouldn’t write itself. No, it would need a push until people actually clicked “Play.”

Author: Jack Slater

A Philadelphian living in Hawaii. You can follow or contact me on Twitter where I'm @NuclearSlater, via the contact page, or via e-mail to Find out more about Nuclear Monster here.

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