Where is SimCopter 2015?

SimCopter was an incredible game idea, implemented about as well as 1996 allowed. It felt like the ambulance missions in GTA, plus a little bit of firefighting in the form of buckets full of water, but in a helicopter, and every mission was in the cities you made in SimCity 2000.

Unfortunately, at the time of release the game had been reduced to a joke due to a bizarre easter-egg, and no sequels were ever made. A few recent games have similar goals, but none are in the style of SimCopter.

The good news is that a mod for the recently-released Cities: Skylines is in development that brings back SimCopter’s helicopter and will have more from SimCopter in the future. The developer calls it CityCopter, and is organizing the mod’s development on this subreddit, and there is a preview video up here.

Author: Jack Slater

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