Tom Jubert’s Talos Principle Masterplan

Tom Jubert spoiled us with his writing in The Talos Principle, FTL, and The Swapper. Everything he works on is 100% pure gold pressed latinum that might be consumed in a manner not unlike that of a starving teenger wolfing down hot pockets without regard for the ensuing restroom debacle. Each time Jubert’s blog (Plot is Gameplay’s Bitch) updates it’s a new world of excitement at what incredible game could pop out that he’s touched next. This time he’s about to talos about the upcoming expansion pack for The Talos Principle called Road to Gehenna:

Without spoiling anything, the pitch we went with provides us huge flexibility in terms of the sort and tone of material we deliver. It gives us a world that fits within the original game’s religious and science fiction mythology, but which resolutely has its own identity. Most importantly for me, it lets us explore completely new ideas about how to interact with the game.

There’s plenty of more Talos in the post, most exciting is that the story is just as large for the expansion as it was for the original, however he also mentions a new game coming out that he had a hand in, The Masterplan. It’s a top-down heistery already in Early Access on Steam but I will probably wait for the game to be finished on June 4th to enjoy it.

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