How To Fix Call of Duty

Tyler Wilde:

I’d bring the multiplayer back to the basics. Good ideas introduced in CoD 4–the ideas that had me obsessed with it for months–have been added to and iterated on and it’s out of control. CoD 4’s unlock system was just about leveling. It was easy to set goals (I worked hard for the Barrett .50cal and was ecstatic when I unlocked it), and loadout decisions felt a lot more meaningful–they weren’t overwhelming, at least.

The last few Call of Duty games have been somewhat disappointing. Super convoluted. Nobody liked Ghosts but Advanced Warfare’s multiplayer still isn’t that fun. The DLC system has been insulting to players, paying for loadout slots and personalization packs? Come on. Look at this shit:

Look at all that juice

I can’t even get my browser window tall enough on my laptop to show them all in one screenshot.

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