The Flock on Live

The Flock was released today on Steam for Windows. It’s the first game from a new developer called Vogelsap and it is an asymetrical first-person multiplayer game. The asymmetry comes from everyone in the titular Flock fighting against one player who has a glowing artifact that kills the flockers if the light shines on them. This is a fairly unique concept but what is entirely unique to The Flock is that after a certain number of player deaths the game will cease being for sale and end with some kind of finale that the developers aren’t talking about yet.

Sounds interesting, right? Well, I have some more impressions about the game in the video above, but I would definitely not recommend anyone purchasing The Flock in its current state. The game is incredibly limited in content and seems to be very broken from my play time with it. Hopefully Vogelsap will be able to resolve all of those issues because I am interested in the concept.

Author: Jack Slater

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