Disney Infinity’s End

Disney is getting out of the business of making games, again. Disney Infinity developer, Avalanche Software (not Avalanche Studios, the developer of Just Cause and other games) is shutting down as they release two final expansions to the toys to life game with Star Wars, Marvel, and other characters this June.

I just got a Disney Infinity 3.0 starter pack that once was priced at over for less than $30 in a sale via Cheap Ass Gamer, which didn’t bode well for the game when we also knew there was no 4.0 edition coming out this year. The version-numbered name was confusing to understand as a player, but the game reviewed very well and it didn’t make sense for them to throw in the towel until you saw the $147 million figure that it’ll cost Disney to get out of the business as they pay severance for hundreds of Avalanche employees and liquidate the remaining Disney Infinity games and toys.

Let’s hope the people at Avalanche who are losing their jobs find new work quickly.

Author: Jack Slater

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