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The Signal From Tölva

The signal from Sir, You Are Being Hunted developer Big Robot is that they are working on a new game called The Signal From Tölva.

The last we heard from Big Robot they had added networked trombones to Sir, You Are Being Hunted. I’m not kidding.

Now, they’ve announced the new open-world FPS, The Signal From Tölva. Big Robot have ditched the procedural generation when you launch the game in change for pre-procedural and handcrafted artisanal world to explore. This time Signal will be available for macOS and Windows. Last time Sir was available for those as well as Linux. I’ve shot an email off to the plus-sized metal creature asking if they’ll be doing Linux this time as well.

Big Robot have more information about The Signal From Tölva on their blog. It’ll be pushed out the door next year in 2017.

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