Elite: Dangerous on PlayStation 4 & Discounted for Xbox One & Computers

Frontier’s extremely long running space explore-em-up, Elite: Dangerous, is finally out on the PlayStation 4 after the Xbox One version became a thing last year. It’s $30 for the base game, or $60 for the version that includes the season pass and other goodies.

The Xbox One port of Elite: Dangerous is also $30, but the upgraded edition is temporarily on sale for $40.19 for the next few days.

Of course if you want to get truly ridiculous, the Windows and macOS Elite: Dangerous on Steam is only $15 right now. It has some negative reviews there, but they’re from people who have put 200+ hours into the game. Do you hate-play a game for 200 hours? Hilarious demonstration of why the Steam review system still sucks.

Author: Jack Slater

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