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In the pantheon of video games there are few things as fun as having some glee at the expense of NPCs. I love naming them ridiculous things in Pokémon. In a fun old Half-Life level you could torture scientists and reveal what an incredible shit you are. Of course The Sims games were famous for becoming vehicles for NPC torture, I never got into them, though.

Here, at last, is a game exclusively for NPC annoyers called “Untitled Goose Game” (I have a sneaking suspicion that this is actually the name of the game) just about torturing NPCs and you are an angry goose who just wants to frustrate the hell out of a small village. A toddler would probably also work as well as a goose if the goose needs to have a sick day.

The trailer above features some of this scampering goose and hints at what might be a co-op mode with two geese at the end.

I am waiting for 2018 when this game is finally out. No platforms announced yet, but the last game from House House, Push Me Pull You, was released on Windows, macOS, and Linux for Steam as well as PlayStation 4. Anyway, hurry up, goose!

Author: Jack Slater

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