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HQ Trivia

There is a trivia game show on the iPhone called HQ. It’s a live video program broadcasted every weekday at 9AM and 3PM HST. They’ve got different hosts, but usually there are decent comedians doing the work of dolling out trivia questions and keeping people playing along. When I first tried the game out, it was up to a few thousand players, today it’s in the tens of thousands.

What makes this different from other trivia games is that live host, but also that players win real money. $250 or $500 is pretty small once it’s split enough times, I won $2.14 today. You cash out through PayPal (ugh) once you hit $20.

Even with the small payouts it is still thrilling to play a game show live along with thousands of other people.

HQ is a free download on iOS, it requires a working phone number to register but you can use any service that generates a number.

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