Never Stop Sneakin’ Now

I honestly can’t believe how much Never Stop Sneakin looks like it gets right in its pursuit of pursuing the joy of Metal Gear Solid’s past while parodying MGS’ spirit. The cutscenes, music, and characters are such good and ridiculous parodies of the original Metal Gear Solid, but the new stealth gameplay is a real treat because it is a straightforward simplification. If what I’ve seen is accurate you don’t even press any buttons, all of the controls have been reduced to one analog stick for movement and everything else is automatic.

Sneak up behind a guard and he’s done.

Get spotted by one or more guards but you have some ammo? Those guards are down in a flash.

Out of ammo but you just got spotted by a guard and have a smoke grenade? Smoke’s out, automatically.

That’s a dramatic change when Metal Gear Solid was overloading every button on the PlayStation’s controllers. I don’t think this will be as broad an experience as MGS, but it looks like Never Stop Sneakin’ has its heart in the right place for making a fun parody.

The few reviews that have come out are positive, but complain that it is too repetitive and lacks variety. I’m still excited to check it out.

Never Stop Sneakin’ is $15 on the Switch. It’ll probably come out for other platforms next year.

Author: Jack Slater

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