Burnout Paradise Remastered on March 16th for Consoles

Electronic Arts announced a remastered version of Burnout Paradise coming to the PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One on March 16th for $40. The Windows version will be on Origin “soon” but  doesn’t have a release date yet.

This version will include all of the original Paradise’s DLC, like the Big Surf Island expansion and cars that look like close to famous rides (KITT, Ecto-1, and more) from movies and TV. Big Surf Island and all were never on Windows before, but you can still get another version of Burnout Paradise on Steam (or Origin) for $20. The Xbox 360 game is also backwards compatible on the Xbox One.

Paradise is a fine game, and this version’s mainly boasting about updates to the graphical fidelity with a 4k resolution and 60 frames-per-second on the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X, but I’ll always miss a real crash mode from the older Burnout games. It’ll be good to read impressions once this update is out.

Author: Jack Slater

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