Deep Sixed Sounds Like Linux on the Desktop in Space: The Game, But Fun

A few times a year I spend anywhere from 5 to 15 hours digging through some Linux garbage. Deep Sixed is a spaceship management roguelike game in space about managing a spaceship the way we see in movies.

Tom Chick:

Deep Sixed also loves that moment in Dark Star. Maybe not specifically that moment, but that kind of moment. Actors pretending to interact with complex avionics. It loves the idea of having to toggle switches before getting to some unwieldy dual arm-twisting dials or levers. Sometimes you have to remember to bring the screwdriver because the retro-booster valve is underneath a panel. Sometimes you have to whack a recalcitrant door with a wrench to get it to shut. Sometimes you have to put duct tape over a leaking coolant pipe. Sometimes transistor boards burn out for no discernable reason. Oh, the inanity of inanimate objects! Sometimes in Deep Sixed, you even have to reinstall drivers, which often requires uninstalling other drivers first.

Maybe Deep Sixed could replace about 5-15 hours of free time for me. It’s $13 on Steam for Windows, macOS, and Linux if you’ve got about 5-15 hours to get your shit together.

Author: Jack Slater

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