C64 Mini Gets a US Launch Date in October; Is Still Garbage

The people behind the US launch of the C64 Mini today announced an October 9th US release date for the C64 Mini that we last talked about more in-depth way back in April:

The miniaturizing nostalgia shrink ray is sprayed at everything now: Cars; entertainment systems both super and conventional Nintendo; iPads; arcade cabinets… There’s also now a The C64 Mini, not a Commodore 64 Mini or Classic Edition, but strictly The C64 Mini. Apparently they couldn’t get the name Commodore 64.

It doesn’t appear that much has changed since April, so this is your reminder that besides being a tiny clone of the original Commodore 64, it still has a completely non-functional keyboard and barely functional joystick, and is probably not worth buying. No price has been announced for the US yet.

Author: Jack Slater

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