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The Sinden Lightgun Gets Reviewed

Sam Machkovech has reviewed the Sinden Lightgun at Ars Technica. This is a $110 crowd-funded lightgun primarily targeted at emulation and I’ve been really curious how it would turn out once it actually shipped. Sounds OK according to Machkovech:

That being said, when I got Sinden working with some of my favorite light-gun classics, from Nintendo’s Duck Hunt to Sega’s Gunblade NY, Sinden’s sales proposition held up. Simply changing my aiming angle helped with one finicky screen, while my two others worked perfectly by default—particularly with precise, “through the sights” aiming I demand in a good arcade shooter. When configured incorrectly, you can get stuck with a more “relative” aiming situation, like in old Wii games; in those cases, the verbose menu system will be your friend. I’m glad I generally didn’t have to rely on it.

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