The Secret Life of Components: Sensors

Tim Hunkin helped us peek into The Secret Life of Machines on TV three decades ago with his colleague Rex Garrod. In the meantime Hunkin had also made custom, extremely silly, arcade machines and other inventions. Last year Hunkin was inspired by other creators and returned to video with a new series of eight episodes called The Secret Life of Components. I think the building community is very fortunate to have him back again for a new series of five episodes starting with Sensors. In each episode, Hunkin demonstrates his knowledge of the topic and shows us practical skills in implementing the components Hunkin uses to build his machines. 

In The Secret Life of Components: Sensors Hunkin goes over the different types of sensors he uses for his inventions and shows us how practical (or not) each one ends up being.

Yet to be aired in this new series of five videos are: Linkages and Mechanisms, Motors, Screw Threads, and Prototype.