A screenshot from Cab Ride depicts a highly pixelated 4 by 3 image from the front of a train at night with tracks rolling out in front and power lines overhead to presumably connect to a panograph.

Cab Ride is a Delightfully Minimal Train Sim with Fantastic Music

Cab Ride by Powersaurus is a free game that runs on the PICO-8 fantasy computer in your web browser or with a download. In Cab Ride you’re just driving a train from with a minimal interface through pretty pixelated cities and countrysides while enjoying some nice music and optionally picking up and dropping off passengers at different stations kinda like your JR East Train Simulator (Steam link for Windows, Early Access stream by Yours Truly).

Cab Ride’s controls are minimal, like other PICO-8 games, but thoughtful. For example, for maximum chill there is an “express mode” that drives the train on its own. To activate this you press the right arrow or the right direction on an analog stick. When I saw these instructions, at first I thought this would lead to a lot of accidental user-input causing you to flip into this mode too often, but there’s a smart countdown that prevents accidental “express modes.”

Cab Ride is free on itch.io for your web browser, Windows, macOS, and Linux, or through the PICO-8 BBS.