Setting up Xymon/Hobbit with nginx

(Ed: This article is outdated, please see the updated version at feld’s site by clicking here)

I just set this up today and it was a pain in the arse, so I figured I’d leave a trace of it somewhere on the internets. I hope this helps you.

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KDE 4.4.3

KDE 4.4.3 has been out for a bit and finally came to Debian Squeeze recently. You may have been running it sooner on Sid. The first thing I noticed was that when I logged in all I got was a black screen. No wallpaper, no clicking the desktop, and I couldn’t see any task bars, etc.

This was annoying.

I googled for a long time and never found an answer, but fret not my fellow Google warriors — the solution is here. Simply install plasma-desktop and you will be good to go.

aptitude install plasma-desktop

Don’t ask me why this wasn’t pulled in by kde-standard.


gfxCardStatus is n open-source menu bar application that keeps track of which graphics card your dual-GPU (late 2008/2009 w/ 9400M/9600M GT, or 2010 i5/i7 w/ Intel HD/330M) MacBook Pro is using at any given time, and allows you to switch between them on demand.

via gfxCardStatus: menu bar gpu status monitor for os x / cody krieger – mobile, desktop & web developer.