Review: Is Close Range For the (PC)?

I don’t want to rattle off the usual game review cliches, but the Close Range series has always been known for frenetic action, witty writing, and lots of references to exploding heads. Close Range for the PC, the 19th game in the series, doesn’t change up this awesome formula, but it has plenty new to appeal to fans of the genre. Click the read more link for the excellent review written by our very own TimeDoctor.

Close Range
is almost the kind of quirky game you’d only expect from a company like Epic, which is why I was so surprised to find that their nearest competitor, ERI, had released it.


Fun Factor:
Fortunately, that is where the similarities end, Close Range is far superior to anything Epic has ever produced, and it is also more stable. One thing that is really important about this game is that you have to

Unreal Tournament 3 still runs like utter shit on any modern computer, I can’t keep it up for more than a minute, and you can’t expect Gears of War 2 to ever come to the PC, I mean, come on. This is a $4,000 computer I bought with all my dollars I make in admob ads on my version of Wolfenstein 3D for the iPhone! You know all they have to do is hit the enter button in visual basic 2000 .net edition to get Gears of War 2 on the iPhone and PC.

Only time will tell if industry veteran’s’ Epic can compete with ERI.

10/10 Stars for Close Range, fans of the genre will be pleased and I feel compelled to point out at least one problem with the game, it is too short! God damn, isn’t $60 worth anything to EDI?! To ERI’s competitor, Epic, I have to say: WHERE’S THE GAME?

I agree with’s review when they said:

“So intense it will make your balls sweaty.


Thanks to ERI for providing the review build and Joe Feld there for the awesome night out in Vegas. Hey Joe where are the pictures at?

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