Sign of the Times: WaMu ATM Anti-Skimmer


While I was using WaMu/Chase’s ATM I noticed that they have a new mechanism to protect customers and their balance sheet. This space-green anti-card-skimming device appears to further protect the ATM simply by sticking the card acceptance slot out further and at a funny angle, theoretically making it harder to add another device on top of theirs.

It is an easy bet to make that there will be similar looking devices made which are skimmers themselves for ATMs owned by other companies.

Author: Jack Slater

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3 thoughts on “Sign of the Times: WaMu ATM Anti-Skimmer”

  1. They have those on BEA (Bank of East Asia- a Hong Kong-based bank with branches in California and New York) ATMs too. They also stuck a helpful picture on the ATM warning you about it and not to use the ATM if the card reader doesn’t look like that (the lock logo is supposed to change when you look at it from different angles).

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