Is Godus Dead?

John Walker, writing about the lack of progress on the kickstarter-funded Peter Molyneux god-game, Godus:

As for those Kickstarter promises, it’s not looking good. The silliest claim made was that it would be finished in “seven to nine months”. That wasn’t even true of the money-raking mobile versions, and with the PC game in Early Access since September 2013, it’s been missed by a further 17 months on top. The Linux version, added as an achieved stretch goal, has shown no signs of appearing (and the game is built in an engine that doesn’t support Linux).

As unsurprising as this failure is from Molyneux, people wouldn’t be writing about it if they didn’t want his god-game to succeed. I played a ton of the free-to-play version of Godus on the iPad last year until the buggy network synchronization code eating hours of progress finally got to be too frustrating to deal with.   Even though the developers are still posting updates, the adversarial nature of their forums (Steam, Boards) and the quotes in the rest of Walker’s article don’t lend any hope to a finished PC Godus coming out of Steam’s Early Access program. Awful.

Author: Jack Slater

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