Peter Molyneux, Ass of Asses

Wesley Yin-Poole followed up on the Godus fiasco by interviewing the winner of Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity, the game where you tap on things and then win what we now know to be utter disappointment:

During the early afternoon of 26th May 2013, 18-year-old Scot Bryan Henderson tapped on Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity cube for the last time. He had won the game.

A tiny message appeared on the screen of his smartphone. It contained an email address for someone at 22Cans, the Guildford studio Molyneux had founded after leaving Microsoft and traditional game development behind.

Bryan, confused but intrigued, followed the instructions. Have I really won, he asked?

At the time Bryan was promised fame, fortune, and some level of control of the Godus world, and you won’t believe how big an ass Molyneux has been. Incredible.

Author: Jack Slater

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