The End of Shitty Printers

Wilson Rothman has this review of a new printer series from Epson:

Epson’s new move is a sly one. Rather than compete on price, the printer maker is dropping the cartridge issue entirely. When you buy an EcoTank printer–for instance, the ET-2550, which closely resembles Epson’s XP-420–you fill up its four-chambered reservoir with ink from plastic containers included with the printer. There’s a satisfying feeling of dumping all of that ink into the tubs. You then let the printer prime itself and your ink worries are over.

This is fascinating. Everybody hates the current state of printing at home and generally at work it isn’t much better if you’re using fairly standard printers there, too. These printers are already up for pre-order. I can’t believe I’m thinking about pre-ordering a boring printer. Right now my HP printer is a piece of complete garbage, it’s so bad that I’ve named it appropriately:

Incredible Piece of HP Shit

Author: Jack Slater

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